Rise of the Runelords

A Candle Amidst The Dark

Heroes commit to daring raid to in last-ditch effort to save town


By Felix Gadeux

Grim news finds the people of Sandpoint once again at the mercy of the goblin hoardes. After a very public argument with his daughter, Nobleman Longjiku Kaijitsu was found murdered in his own glassworks. The perpetrator, or perpi-traitor in this scenario, was Longjiku’s disowned son Tsuto who appears to have been working with the goblins that raided Sandpoint during the Swallowtail festival. His treachery was discovered by none other than our intrepid heroes who stormed the glassworks in search of Ameiko Kaijitsu, who Tsuto kidnapped and used as bait to bring Longjiku to the glassworks. Upon dispatching this vile threat and interrogating Tsuto, the heroes learned of a very dangerous secret… the goblins planned a larger raid to destroy Sandpoint!

Armed with this information, an emergency meeting was held between our heroes and MayorKendra Deverin. Also at this meeting was Shealu Andosana, the ranger who defends the countryside against the goblin plague. It is of note that Shealu returned quite suddenly after only being gone for a few weeks, and this quick return may have something to do with this latest goblin threat and might explain her attendance at this secret meeting. After much discussion on the possible plans, the galant Jace suggested the plan that gave the town the best odds… A surprise attack against the goblin forces at Thistletop. While this gives the town the best chance for survival, our brave heroes now face their toughest challenge, one we only hope they are strong enough to best.

It is in times like these that one must take stock of what’s around them and be grateful for what they have. Never in the history of Sandpoint have we been graced with such dedicated and selfless citizens as these men. Ones who have time and again risk everything to simply keep the people of Sandpoint safe. It is a gross, and almost insulting, understatement to say that we owe a debt to these exalted heroes. Make no mistake, without these men, we do not survive the week. Our homes would burn, our wives and children would be killed before our very eyes. We would be washed away in a tide of blood and forgotten to history without these men. We owe them our very lives, and it is something we shall not soon forget. Our future hangs as the juggler’s dagger. Either the heroes will save us and we continue the dance, or it comes crashing down, to the ruin of all.



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