Rise of the Runelords

Goblin Raid in Sandpoint!

Local heroes save town from horde of goblins


By Fenik Gadeux

On what seemed to be a calm and joyous day for celebrating the newly finished Sandpoint cathedral, a horde of goblins bent on finishing their work from 3 years earlier attacked the peaceful citizens of Sandpoint. This nefarious attack was thwarted by none other than local champion Abriard Deauchamp, known around town as the Blade of the Ruined King, as well as Sto’Ik, another local adventurer of some renown originally from Magnimar. Aiding these two in their struggle against the raiders were two newcomers, a halfling named Ivo Osares as well as his mysterious brother, Dack Osares, and a capable and bewitching man known as Jace. These valiant heroes not only saved the town from destruction, they single-handedly saved Mayor Kendra Deverin from almost certain death at the hands of a goblin raider. As the town attempts to heal from yet another tragedy, questions still linger. What drove the goblins to attack Sandpoint? Were they behind the fire from three years ago? If the goblins didn’t come up with this plan themselves (they are goblins after all), then who is behind this attack? But most importantly, who are these courageous and selfless heroes that would risk their lives to save so many?

With the burden of yet another tragedy hanging of the heads of the people of Sandpoint, questions such as these are just one of the many problems facing Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Belor Hemlock. However, this reporter suggests we instead focus on the tremendous efforts of these new heroes, and thank them for the heroic actions, for without them the tragedy would have been greater by far.

– 121 gp each (Dack not included, that point can be discussed however)
– 50 gp of the total came from Aldern Foxglove (the man you rescued from the goblin commando) as a thank you gift for saving his life.
– A potion of cure light wounds, and a potion of cure moderate wounds
– Savah has offered to masterwork an armor or weapon for each of you as a thank you for saving her shop
– You were given a week’s free lodging at the Rusty Dragon in from Ameiko Kaijitsu for your bravery.



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