Rise of the Runelords

Harvest of Death

Ghouls menace farmlands

By Felix Gadeux

Terror and disaster spread through the farmlands as a scourge of undead creatures plague the farmlands, killing dozens. It is unknown where these monsters came from, but all that is certain is the farmlands have been attacked and local farmers are fleeing their homesteads in droves. Refugees began arriving several days ago, and have come in steady streams since then. Mayor Kendra Deverin has given the farmers the use of temporary housing in the town’s new Northern district, an area recently constructed to accommodate the swell in population over the last several months. While town leadership handles the refugee situation, Sheriff Belor Hemlock has received reports from new refugees that the Sons have returned from Magnimar and are on the scene dealing with these monstrous invaders.

In other news, another victim of the Sandpoint Slicer has been found this morning. The body of butcher, Chod Bevuk, was found at his shop in ghastly condition according to the guards. Sheriff Hemlock has ordered no description of the scenes be made public as the grisly nature of the crimes makes their discussion too horrific.



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