Rise of the Runelords

Heroes For Hire

Local heroes continue their good works around town

By Fenik Gadeux

In the days following the catastrophe now being called the Sandpoint Raid, local heroes have been hard at work getting the town back to normal after the events. Our heroes have been spotted investigating in the cemetery and around town as they continue to flush hiding goblins from their holes. This bloody business has not been without casualties as Alergast Barrett lost his life defending his son Aeren from one such goblin. Alergast is survived by his wife Amele, and two sons Aeren and Alton, who plan to relocate to Magnimar after receiving a generous donation from Sto’Ik. The town and its citizens have been grateful and generous to their new heroes, some a little more than others according to local rumors. While the town recovers from this most recent devastation, it is good to see that our new heroes seem to be here to stay and are helping the town dust itself back off.



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