Rise of the Runelords

Murder in the Streets

Lumber mill murders come to light

By Felix Gadeux

In recent weeks Sandpoint has been gripped with terror and paranoia as an unknown assailant brutally murdered Katrine Vender and Ben Harker in the Valdemar Lumber Mill. The grisly scene was kept from the eyes of all except the guards and the Sons. While tensions and tempers flared at the scene, Abriard Duchamp was considered a person of interest for the crime and was questioned at the scene. The following evening the villain attacked again, striking another devastating blow to the Vender family and claiming the life of young Shylass Vender. Shylass was seen arguing days before with Abriard Duchamp, who was questioned again and taken into the guards’ custody as he could not produce an alibi for his whereabouts the previous evening.

In the following days, the guards and the other members of the Sons continued investigating the crime scenes and found enough evidence to cast a shadow of doubt as to Abriard’s involvement. With this considered with the service that he has provided Sandpoint, Sheriff Belor Hemlock released Abriard. While the law was satisfied, many of the townsfolk were not, and letting go of the man who potentially committed the crimes in their eyes only gave room for more violence and terror. The uproar was heard in a special town hall meeting with MAyor Deverin who advised everyone to keep themselves safe and be aware of their surroundings. She also announced a mandatory curfew, alloiwng no citizens to be roaming the streets after nightfall.

For many this brings back all too familiar memories of the Chopper, and many people have been quick to board up their windows at night and leave their houses only when absolutely necessary. If the assailant is not captured soon, I fear for what will happen to our growing town, and I pray the new arrivals in the last few months will not become “outsiders” and potential threats to the Sandpoint natives.



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