Rise of the Runelords

Return to Sandpoint

Story recap after a 3-month-long hiatus

After several months of not being able to play, we finally return to Sandpoint after a great victory over Aldern Foxglove and his horde of ghoulish followers. Prior to attacking Aldern at Foxglove Manor, the party first went to Magnimar to investigate the lone survivor of the Skinsaw Man, Seville. He was housed at Habe’s Sanatorium, and entry to the Sanatorium was blocked by Habe for a week. In that time the party got into quite a few misadventures rooting out the Our Varisia movement that had taken hold in Magnimar.

Sto’Ik met with his old partner Alistar Rothari, his right hand man in the Galant Galleons. He told him of the movements being made by Brutus Borden, an upstart mercenary leader and former Galleon. Brutus had taken to killing the surviving members of the Galleons in order to cover the secret of his betrayal and alliance with a woman he called The Fury. Only one Galleon remained alive besides Sto’Ik and Alistar, a boy named Robb, who Brutus had set his sights on in his rise to power. A daring rescue of Robb took place at the Manticore’s Tale, the headquarters of Brutus’ Steel Titans. The rescue uncovered Brutus’ involvement in the slaying of the Galleons at the hands of the Fury’s Wing as well as Brutus’ Our Varisia ties. With Robb in tow, Sto’Ik and Alistar retreated back to their ship, the titular Gallant Galleon. Aided by Shealu Andosana, Sto’Ik and his companions executed a masterful strategy to deal a fatal blow to Brutus and his Steel Titans. Upon his death, Brutus’ breastplate changed and became covered in golden etching of ships, becoming the Stronghold of the Absolved Champion he wears.

Abriard spent his time tracking down Caliban, a doppleganger assassin who had formerly gone by the name Rick Flagg as the King of the Dell. Seeking revenge on Abriard for nearly killing him, Caliban set in motion a series of murders with Abriard as the prime suspect. Though his plans to have Abriard hung was eventually foiled, his business in the region was not concluded as he still sought to retrieve a sword, The Sword of Xin-Shalast, that he had claimed long ago as King of the Dell. Knowing that Caliban would find a way to regain the sword, Abriard began investigating the auction and those who would be invited to the event. In his search he met Gurlin Singer, a monster hunter by trade, who provided him with valuable assistance on the condition that he be allowed to study Caliban’s body upon his death. With additional support from Gurlin and information from Alistar, Abriard discovered that there had been a series of these auctions in the recent weeks as several members of the city council had given up their seats and left the city claiming the would not sit by and watch the city be engulfed in war. These auctions turned out to be nothing more than Caliban killing council members and acquiring their wealth, all the while leaving seats open to allow more Our Varisia members into the council to put them into a majority. The night of the auction, Caliban had taken to impersonating Selma Flint in order to purchase the sword, but her identity was soon discovered by Abriard and his mercury-lined glove. A fight with Caliban occurred just outside the manor as he attempted to get away with the sword. Abriard and Ameiko fought valiantly against Caliban, and succeeded against all odds. The Sword of Xin-Shalast came to Abriard after he had defeated his master, and its essence changed into the mercurial rapier that he now wields.

Jace took to gaining followers with his time. He quickly rose to prominence, showing the common people the power that is within their grasp if they only reach out their hands and take it. His words of self-reliance and the power within spread like wildfire throughout the city, and his shows became evermore crowded. This meteoric rise caught the attention of the speakers of the Our Varisia movement, and to challenge him and his new doctrine. After several debates however, the speakers found themselves only feeding the flames of Jace’s rise. They chose to change tactics, and as Jace and his bodyguard Alydia were celebrating their recent successes, they sent a group of assassins to silence him for good. The assassin group was turned out to be the Fury’s Wing, lead by none other than the Fury herself, revealed to be Kalista Do’Urden, Jace’s betrothed. The assassin’s chased Jace and Alydia to the edge of the Irespan where Kalista engaged them by herself. All hope seemed lost as she battered down Alydia and rebuffed every spell Jace sent her way, until by the slimmest of margins Jace broke her defenses and took her sight. In his infinite disgust for his fiance, Jace chose to leave Kalista broken rather than end her life, knowing that sending her back as a failure a second time would be a fate worse than death for her. As she and her minions withdrew, Jace found a singularity hung in the air where their portal had been. As he touched it, he found a crown sprouted around his head and a faerie dragon egg was clutched in his hand. Thus the Crown of Shrouded Light came to Jace.

Ivo and Dack went to work researching their father’s book, the fifth part of a series detailing a merchant’s visit to Eurythnia in Ancient Thassilon. In their studies they found that the text discussed something called sarcons, antimate bodies that were designed to house extraplanar entities. This discovery lead Ivo to being attacked by a member of the Our Varisia movement. Ivo soon discovered why this discovery prompted violence from the group, as their leader Deagen Callimedes was an outsider in disguise using a sarcon. With this information, Ivo and Dack enlisted the help of Jura Kalidan, a paladin of Iomedae, to taken down this new threat. The three infiltrated the church of Desna where Callidan and his members resided and they sprung an ambush. The outsider inside of Deagen turned out to be Aamos-gor, the devil that murdered his mother and destroyed Dack’s body. Aamos-gor was defeated, and he left Ivo and Dack with these parting words, "Come find me where nightmares roam, a twisted, rotten, monstrous home.” As he vanished through a portal in the floor, Ivo found a golden ring which also appears on Dack’s hand when it is worn. Thus the Soul Ring came to Ivo.

With these adventures concluded, the party then made their way to Habe’s Sanatorium. There they found that Seville had turned into a ghoul and turned much of the rest of the staff into ghouls as well. After they dispatched these undead horrors, as well as the necromancer, they discovered that these ghouls are abnormal in that the deceased maintains part of their memory and their abilities after the transformation. The necromancer appeared to have been trying to triangulate where the ghouls were coming from in order to better study their progenitor. His investigation lead him to the area around Sandpoint as the likely home of the ghoul lord. The party returned to the Blade and Bottle, Alistar’s tavern, where they received a letter that the farmlands outside Sandpoint had been attacked.

At the Hambley farms, the party met Maester Grump, an hardy old codger who had taken up the evacuation planning for the farmlands. He directed the party to the Hambley farmhouse and inadvertently into the field of false scarecrows. The farmstead had been overrun by ghouls. In the remains of the ghouls they killed, the party found a key to Foxglove Manor.

Once the party arrived at Foxglove Manor, they chose to take a side entrance into the house and go through the well. While they battled the undead denizens of the house, Ivo discovered that he could see the necromantic energy within the souls of the undead, and the energy seemed to be converging somewhere deep below the house. As they delved further into the caverns beneath the house, they came upon Aldern Foxglove in all his ruined glory as the ghoul lord that had caused so much trouble. As he was dispatched, the necromantic energy in the house exploded and then condensed into a green crystalline orb that Ivo now carries. Among other things that were found at the house include: a letter regarding deliveries of unknown materials to a mill in Magnimar signed by a person known only as X, and a series of books that likely were used by Vorel Foxglove in his path to lichdom.

The party now returns to Sandpoint to rest after their long journey, before the begin to unravel the question of what was Aldern delivering for the mysterious X?

Mechanical update:

  • You achieved level 7 after the last game.
  • Money was tabulated in depth by Dane, but I don’t have those numbers. I believe we already divvied that up though.



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