Rise of the Runelords

Sons of Sandpoint

Triumphant heroes return from suicide mission!

by Felix Gadeux

Victory! The noble, and aptly named, Sons of Sandpoint have done the impossible and ended the goblin threat with direct and decisive action. While many saw this alpha strike as a suicidal endeavor (this reporter included) our heroes accomplished the task and proudly marched back to the town they saved. I can safely say, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. With the rumor mill swirling as to the events that unfolded at Thistletop, there are many versions of the battle. From the accounts, I have found several similarities: Firstly, is that the tactical advantage lay squarely with the Sons thanks in large part to Sto’Ik and his battle field inspiration. Jace turned would be enemies into allies by turning one of Nuala’s lieutenants (the bugbear named Brothazmus you’ve seen around town) against her. Abriard had a terrifying encounter with a devil dog that involves a prison (I cannot even pretend to do the story justice). The Osares Brothers bore possibly the largest brunt of the battle with Dack ever rushing to the vanguard and Ivo providing a considerable amount of much needed healing. With all of these pieces falling into place the battle still hung on the knifes edge more than once. Needless to say, fortune smiled on the Sons and all of Sandpoint that day.

With is laurel affixed to their brows, the Sons took to some much needed revelry and celebrated the marriage of Ivo and Bethana Osares. This joyous and much needed occasion was celebrated by all of Sandpoint with a series of parties the likes of which this town has never seen.

Now that the shadow of the goblin army has subsided, what lies next for our Sons of Sandpoint? I hear Mayor Kendra Deverin has given them positions on the council, and it appears Sandpoint will further benefit from their actions as their first vote was to invest some of their treasure from Thistletop into growing the city. I foresee a bright future for the Sons and our city under their watchful eyes.



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