Drow Sorceror with divinity in the blood


Arcane bloodline Whenever you apply a metamagic feat to a spell that increases the slot used by at least one level, increase the spell’s DC by +1. This bonus does not stack with itself and does not apply to spells modified by the Heighten Spell feat.

Arcane bond familiar Green Sting Scorpion

At 1st level, a false priest gains Knowledge (religion) and Perform as class skills, but loses Appraise and Fly as class skills. He adds half his sorcerer level to Use Magic Device checks to activate spell trigger and spell completion items that use divine spells. He gains False Focus as a bonus feat.

3rd level, the false priest adds aid to his list of spells known as a 2nd-level spell. At 5th level, he adds remove disease to his list of spells known as a 3rd-level spell.

This ability replaces the bloodline spells gained at 3rd level and 5th level respectively.

At 9th level, the false priest can use his own magic to power spell completion and spell trigger items that use divine spells. He expends a sorcerer spell slot that is at least 1 level higher than the level of the spell he’s trying to activate, then makes a Use Magic Device check. If he succeeds, the item’s spell occurs and the item or charge is not expended. If he fails, nothing happens. Whether he succeeds or fail, his spell slot is expended.
This ability replaces the bloodline power gained at 9th level.

Cold Weather outfit
backpack, bandolier, belt pouch, clay mug, dagger, two fishhooks, flint and steel, sewing needle, signal whistle, sling, 50 feet string, 50 feet thread, waterskin, ,and whetstone. 10 lbs
Load out 18 lbs

Combat Trained Pony
N Medium animal
Init +3; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +7

AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (3 Dex, +2 Natural Armor)
hp 17 (2d8
Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +2

Speed 40 ft.
Melee 2 hooves –1 (1d3+2)

Str 17, Dex 17, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 8
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 17 (21 vs. trip)
Feats Endurance, Run
Skills Perception +7
Saddle Pack 15 lbs: trail rations 7 7 lbs. Bed roll 5 lbs feed 6/days 60 pounds
Encumbrance 129/ 258 / 390 Load out 93 lbs


Jace ( his self given name) was damned before he was even born. Like all houses in drow society, a male is simply a resource to carefully hoarded, and then expended for maximum gain. The house from which Jace was born is particular wicked that it uses not only the lives of the males but their very souls. In exchange for powerful demon servitors all male births are accompanied by a servant of the darkest powers to re-affirm this ancient bargain between demon and drow. As most demons are too violent and impulsive to appreciate the finer points of ceremony a succubus is the typical representative of the demonic. This creature is the first to hold the new born male child, cooing to the wailing babe, and showing as much love as possible for a creature who’s very essence is evil. The child is examined for any deformities or flaws by the succubus before she divines the future capabilities of the unnamed male child. The mother of the child will be dismissed to recover and return to her own ambitions while the succubus seeks to contact powers even darker than the caverns that the drow dwell in. The ceremony is unique to each succubus but all conclude in the same manner, with the performing succubus kissing the child softly on the forehead while whispering the chosen name for the child and using her unique gifts to remove any deformities or strengthen the gifts the child was already born with. From this point on the male child is fated to be dragged down into the soul scorching pits of hell upon death.

Jace was fortunately blessed with arcane power so very common to the drow. In this regard he was to trained as soldier and expected to go forth and die in the front lines of the eternal war with the hated foes of the drow or sacrificed in the schemes of another. Jace was actually born with extremely potent blood and would have certainly seized power if he had only been born female. Instead he grew up reminded that no matter how potent his magic or whomever he allied with, it would not save him from his fate. Unlike the other males who accepted their lot as a necessary sacrifice for the continued dominance of the house, Jace determined to find a loop hole, gather power, and humble not only his house but the demons themselves. Destruction would be too kind. Jace has determined that the first real smile in his life will be when he can look out upon an army with knees bent in gratitude.

The first step of his plan went off flawlessly. After what was supposed to be a routine patrol his unit was ambushed by a group of dwarves. This was of no surprise to Jace as he had given the route and make up of the unit to a drawn slave he had charmed and released earlier that week. After all it’s common knowledge that dwarves will always hold a grudge or at least that is what the dwarf slaves constantly reminded the drow overseers over the sound of cracking whips. Jace was most impressed with the performance of the female captain who managed to survive the ambush and then proceed to slay the offending guests in a whirl of blades. She was exquisite as she stood over the bodies and Jace wondered if the feeling as what love is as his crossbow bolt pierced her rib cage. For whatever reason Jace decided to spare her there in the darkness. It would have been so easy to take up a finely crafted ax from one of the late drawn soldiers and give her story a sense of finality with a sickening crunch. Instead Jace let the ax fall from his hand and let the gods give her a chance at a life that was denied to him. Jace rationalized that this was no weakness on his part as the captain would be too prideful to make it known that a male had beaten her, assuming she lived, much less pursue the same male to the surface.

The second part of his plan however quickly broke down. Jace had never left the confines of the drow city with out other drow, much less begin a lonely expedition into the endless caverns of the under dark. Jace quickly lost his way after fleeing from….something that was most certainly not a humanoid. While gloriously sprinting toward the surface (he hoped) Jace unknowingly passed into a fearie circle composed of glowing mushrooms. This came as a great surprise to Jace as he suddenly found himself in a moon lit meadow filled with animals he had only read about while preparing for surface raids to acquire slaves. Suspicious that he had actually perished at some point, Jace assumed the demons had prepared an elaborate charade to give him a sense of hope before bringing the whole illusion down to savor his despair, Jace withdrew his rapier and cast Mage armor preparing to at least give the demons some resistance before the eternity of inventive torture began.

Instead from the tall grass several humanoids appeared. The fey whom resided here were drawn to the strangely beautiful dark elf. Jace was quickly disarmed by their magic and led down a winding path into a thick forest. His mind was in a haze and everything the fey said to Jace just seemed so reasonable. Why not follow them? What harm would a wine skin do? He was hungry and that live toad certainly did look appealing though it would have been easier to eat if it had not been alive but his hosts insisted that was the proper way to eat them. So the fort night Jace spent with the fey providing them with endless entertainment as the fey led Jace to a most glorious throne made from still living wood. Barking laughter echoed off the trees as a crown of roses was placed upon the brow of Jace. Of what matter was it that the crown was possessed of thorns and cut into the skin? Such concerns were trivial as the fey, who’s motives are known only to themselves, placed within the now malleable mind of the elf that his destiny was to walk as a god. For the fey knew of the drow and their ways, knew that Jace was damned both figuratively and literally.

What a grand play it would be to deceive the dark elf, whose magic and nature was naturally deceptive, then release him into the world to deceive it in turn? Surely the jests would be infinite if the drow actually was successful in passing the test of the star stone to rise up to take a place with the divine. So the dark fey set about “educating” Jace in how his destiny was to grow his power, to turn the weak of will to his cause, to heal the faithful and do good works while denouncing heretics who would deny Jace his rightful seat among the immortals.

So it went for a time. Jace who had never known any luxury aside from the knowledge that he would not face the lash as long as he pleased his superiors, had his magic tempered and refined by these moon light fey. They plied him with wine and narcotics to weaken his will while stifling laughs as the fey spoke to him that the minds of others were his to shape. They fair folk lulled Jace to sleep on the finest spider silks with future tales of his effortless triumph over all that opposed His will. Every full moon morning Jace was roused to prayers and chants in his name before consuming more mind bending sacraments.

Until one final night of revelry in which the fey finally determined that Jace was ready to begin his part in their soon to be forgotten “greatest” charade. The living wood that made up the throne wrapped itself around Jace as the crown of roses was dyed a new shade with the rich dark blood of a fragile Elven brow. Illusionary magic played out an endless parade of demons practicing their cruel art upon Jace no matter which way he looked. Of such power was the magic of these dark fey that it invaded every sense. So it was that Jace’s mind was shattered with visions of the succubus present at his birth, the only creature to ever show him something resembling real love, used him to conceive another male child that she would torture for all eternity. Just as she had done with his father and his father before him back to an ancestor that first struck such a blasphemous bargain in the endless pursuit of power.

Then suddenly it was all over. Jace was awoken by a burning sensation on his skin and was blinded upon opening his eyes. Alternating between pleas for mercy and vicious threats, his vision finally cleared enough for Jace to realize he was on the surface. His body was unmarked but his mindset was now wholly consumed with avoiding his fate no matter the danger or cost but how? Without realizing it Jace reached down to find his journal that detailed his rise to god hood. Yes it all began in the dark where a child was born with a unique symbol. A symbol of such import that it was given two entire pages in careful replication, an exact match for the tattoo magically placed across Jace’s back. Upon his awakening the god to be known as Jace had travelled to sandpoint where he encountered his champions. Yes the beginning was so humble and cliche that Jace laughed at how ridiculous it was.

And so Jace packed up his things, lovely hiding his holy text within his back pack before leaving the ring of softly glowing mushrooms and stepping on to the road to sandpoint.


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