Mercurial Rapier

Blade of the Ruined King

weapon (melee)

The Mercurial Rapier possesses these traits:

  • +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage
  • The mercurial property of the metal allows it to change density at will. When parrying an attack from a larger foe, the rapier grows denser mimicking the opponent’s weapon. The effective size of the weapon will increase to match the foe, up to two size categories, reducing the penalty to parry said attack. This does not increase the damage dealt by the rapier.

The rapier is also rune-forged and bathed in the essence of righteous wrath, giving it a consumptive attitude when it comes to arcane magic, specifically evocation magic:

  • The rapier possesses the bane property against enemies with arcane spell slots
  • The wielder’s ability to perceive magic is amplified by the blade, conferring the ability to parry spells. In order to do so, the wielder spends 2 panache points and makes a parry attempt against the spell using either the mage’s attack roll (if there was one) or a DC of 10 + the caster level + casting stat, whichever is higher. Succeeding by varying degrees provides varying additional effects:
  • 0-4 over provides the wielder respite from the spell, but only himself. For instance, his square would be excluded from an AoE or a cone, and a line would go through his square without affecting him
  • 5-9 over extinguishes the spell at the point of the wielder. AoE spells are extinguished completely if targeting the wielder, or partially (see cones) if he is only in the blast radius. Cones have their effects blocked to all squares behind the wielder. Lines stop, but affect those already effected as normal.
  • 10+ over extinguishes the spell completely and absorbs the essence of the spell into the blade. Spells are absorbed whether the wielder is the target or simply affected by them, and those who would be affected are no longer subject to the spells effects. The blade absorbs the spell’s power in the form of panache points that it keeps internally, and which can only be used to parry and/or riposte. The blade absorbs 1 panache point for every level of spell absorbed (3 panache for 3rd level, 0 panache for 0th level, etc.) and can hold a maximum of 7 points. These points do not count as points in the wielder’s pool for deeds, and if not utilized the points are absorbed into the blade within 24 hours.

A rapier appearing to simply the work of an ancient master craftsmen possesses a silver sheen along the blade, which seems to almost drip when inspected closely. The weight and nature of the blade seem to be in flux at any given moment, leaving no doubt to the power and enigmatic nature of the blade itself.

Mercurial Rapier

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