Rise of the Runelords

Varisia After Thistletop
Interlude Between Book 1 and 2


After the unlikely victory of our heroes over Nualia and her goblin forces at Thistletop, Sandpoint and our heroes have earned a little rest. In the weeks after the Fall of Thistletop, the citizens of Sandpoint erected a statue of the heroes in the square outside the cathedral, and the citizens have gone about rebuilding the town and expanding as word spread of heroes protecting the town. Since the Fall, nearly 100 people have moved their families to Sandpoint and the town is becoming crowded. To make matters worse, this Summer has been the hottest and driest in memory, and the townspeople have become quite irritable. Bar fights seem to happen on an almost nightly basis now, and tempers flare between citizens daily. This growing discord seems to not only be affecting Sandpoint though, Varisia itself seems to slip slowly towards a civil war.

Mainly composed of city-states and their regions of influence, Varisia is home to many cities, two of which dwarf the others dramatically in both power and influence: Magnimar and Korvosa. Magnimar was founded by citizens who felt the Korvosan government was too restrictive and these citizens sought their own city where they could do business how and with whom they pleased. In the centuries since this schism, the diplomatic relationship has been a largely amicable one, predicated heavily on trade and mutual profit. These last weeks however, growing distrust has taken hold between the two. Korvosa and Magnimar each claim the other has agents in their city, spying and assassinating members of the upper class to spread fear. There is even talk of raiders throughout the hinterlands roving unchecked under the guise of Korvosan or Magnimaran mercenaries. In the midst of all this fear and distrust, a group called Our Varisia is calling for the Magnimaran government to take up arms against Korvosa and claim the region for themselves. The group has gained a considerable amount of followers in recent weeks after Deagen Callimedes was convinced to take up a leadership position within the group. Now the forums and squares are filled to capacity with people listening eagerly to the Our Varisia speakers.

Not everything has taken a turn for the worse, however. Sandpoint has begun construction on its new Northern district to make room for the influx of new citizens. Brothazmus has taken up the permanent position of bouncer at the Rusty Dragon as the tavern’s popularity is unrivaled after the Son’s endorsement. Orik Vancaskerin has been hired on to train the town guards, and his efforts seem to be bearing fruit as the new guardsmen seem to be quite competent. Ameiko Kaijitsu has taken to her role as owner of the Glassworks with gusto and the factory has been running seemingly night and day. Beyond business, the townsfolk appear to have “celebrated” the Fall rather thoroughly and most of the women in town are currently pregnant, as are many of the horses.

What of our heroes themselves? Recent weeks have seen a growing throng of women following Jace around. Their attentions seem to waver between listening to his stories and starring into his eyes, but whatever intentions these women have, they do give Jace quite a long shadow. Abriard is up to his same old antics, with a new story or two to tell that has the crowds enthralled. Sto’Ik seems to have come somewhat out of his shell, out more often and keeping company with Shealu, a considerable difference from the more stoic Sto’Ik that came to Sandpoint several months ago. Ivo and his brother Dack have been quite busy since the wedding, delving through what seems like all of Sabyl’s books for some unknown purpose.

Sons of Sandpoint
Triumphant heroes return from suicide mission!

by Felix Gadeux

Victory! The noble, and aptly named, Sons of Sandpoint have done the impossible and ended the goblin threat with direct and decisive action. While many saw this alpha strike as a suicidal endeavor (this reporter included) our heroes accomplished the task and proudly marched back to the town they saved. I can safely say, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. With the rumor mill swirling as to the events that unfolded at Thistletop, there are many versions of the battle. From the accounts, I have found several similarities: Firstly, is that the tactical advantage lay squarely with the Sons thanks in large part to Sto’Ik and his battle field inspiration. Jace turned would be enemies into allies by turning one of Nuala’s lieutenants (the bugbear named Brothazmus you’ve seen around town) against her. Abriard had a terrifying encounter with a devil dog that involves a prison (I cannot even pretend to do the story justice). The Osares Brothers bore possibly the largest brunt of the battle with Dack ever rushing to the vanguard and Ivo providing a considerable amount of much needed healing. With all of these pieces falling into place the battle still hung on the knifes edge more than once. Needless to say, fortune smiled on the Sons and all of Sandpoint that day.

With is laurel affixed to their brows, the Sons took to some much needed revelry and celebrated the marriage of Ivo and Bethana Osares. This joyous and much needed occasion was celebrated by all of Sandpoint with a series of parties the likes of which this town has never seen.

Now that the shadow of the goblin army has subsided, what lies next for our Sons of Sandpoint? I hear Mayor Kendra Deverin has given them positions on the council, and it appears Sandpoint will further benefit from their actions as their first vote was to invest some of their treasure from Thistletop into growing the city. I foresee a bright future for the Sons and our city under their watchful eyes.

A Candle Amidst The Dark
Heroes commit to daring raid to in last-ditch effort to save town


By Felix Gadeux

Grim news finds the people of Sandpoint once again at the mercy of the goblin hoardes. After a very public argument with his daughter, Nobleman Longjiku Kaijitsu was found murdered in his own glassworks. The perpetrator, or perpi-traitor in this scenario, was Longjiku’s disowned son Tsuto who appears to have been working with the goblins that raided Sandpoint during the Swallowtail festival. His treachery was discovered by none other than our intrepid heroes who stormed the glassworks in search of Ameiko Kaijitsu, who Tsuto kidnapped and used as bait to bring Longjiku to the glassworks. Upon dispatching this vile threat and interrogating Tsuto, the heroes learned of a very dangerous secret… the goblins planned a larger raid to destroy Sandpoint!

Armed with this information, an emergency meeting was held between our heroes and MayorKendra Deverin. Also at this meeting was Shealu Andosana, the ranger who defends the countryside against the goblin plague. It is of note that Shealu returned quite suddenly after only being gone for a few weeks, and this quick return may have something to do with this latest goblin threat and might explain her attendance at this secret meeting. After much discussion on the possible plans, the galant Jace suggested the plan that gave the town the best odds… A surprise attack against the goblin forces at Thistletop. While this gives the town the best chance for survival, our brave heroes now face their toughest challenge, one we only hope they are strong enough to best.

It is in times like these that one must take stock of what’s around them and be grateful for what they have. Never in the history of Sandpoint have we been graced with such dedicated and selfless citizens as these men. Ones who have time and again risk everything to simply keep the people of Sandpoint safe. It is a gross, and almost insulting, understatement to say that we owe a debt to these exalted heroes. Make no mistake, without these men, we do not survive the week. Our homes would burn, our wives and children would be killed before our very eyes. We would be washed away in a tide of blood and forgotten to history without these men. We owe them our very lives, and it is something we shall not soon forget. Our future hangs as the juggler’s dagger. Either the heroes will save us and we continue the dance, or it comes crashing down, to the ruin of all.

Heroes For Hire
Local heroes continue their good works around town

By Fenik Gadeux

In the days following the catastrophe now being called the Sandpoint Raid, local heroes have been hard at work getting the town back to normal after the events. Our heroes have been spotted investigating in the cemetery and around town as they continue to flush hiding goblins from their holes. This bloody business has not been without casualties as Alergast Barrett lost his life defending his son Aeren from one such goblin. Alergast is survived by his wife Amele, and two sons Aeren and Alton, who plan to relocate to Magnimar after receiving a generous donation from Sto’Ik. The town and its citizens have been grateful and generous to their new heroes, some a little more than others according to local rumors. While the town recovers from this most recent devastation, it is good to see that our new heroes seem to be here to stay and are helping the town dust itself back off.

Goblin Raid in Sandpoint!
Local heroes save town from horde of goblins


By Fenik Gadeux

On what seemed to be a calm and joyous day for celebrating the newly finished Sandpoint cathedral, a horde of goblins bent on finishing their work from 3 years earlier attacked the peaceful citizens of Sandpoint. This nefarious attack was thwarted by none other than local champion Abriard Deauchamp, known around town as the Blade of the Ruined King, as well as Sto’Ik, another local adventurer of some renown originally from Magnimar. Aiding these two in their struggle against the raiders were two newcomers, a halfling named Ivo Osares as well as his mysterious brother, Dack Osares, and a capable and bewitching man known as Jace. These valiant heroes not only saved the town from destruction, they single-handedly saved Mayor Kendra Deverin from almost certain death at the hands of a goblin raider. As the town attempts to heal from yet another tragedy, questions still linger. What drove the goblins to attack Sandpoint? Were they behind the fire from three years ago? If the goblins didn’t come up with this plan themselves (they are goblins after all), then who is behind this attack? But most importantly, who are these courageous and selfless heroes that would risk their lives to save so many?

With the burden of yet another tragedy hanging of the heads of the people of Sandpoint, questions such as these are just one of the many problems facing Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Belor Hemlock. However, this reporter suggests we instead focus on the tremendous efforts of these new heroes, and thank them for the heroic actions, for without them the tragedy would have been greater by far.

– 121 gp each (Dack not included, that point can be discussed however)
– 50 gp of the total came from Aldern Foxglove (the man you rescued from the goblin commando) as a thank you gift for saving his life.
– A potion of cure light wounds, and a potion of cure moderate wounds
– Savah has offered to masterwork an armor or weapon for each of you as a thank you for saving her shop
– You were given a week’s free lodging at the Rusty Dragon in from Ameiko Kaijitsu for your bravery.

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