Rise of the Runelords

Rains of Rannick
The Sons Answer Turtleback Ferry's Call for Aid


By Felix Gadeuax

Word has reached Sandpoint of the Son’s exploits in Turtleback Ferry. As the rains beat down on roofs and swell rivers, the Son’s have clashed with a gigantic problem in Turtleback Ferry… Ogres. The silence from Fort Rannick was due to an unthinkable scenario, the ogres who the Black Arrows have driven back for generations were overrun. Utilizing their superior numbers and grotesque ogrekin, the Kreeg clan ogres overtook the fort and slaughtered the Black Arrows defending their home.

Once the Sons arrived, they systematically removed the ogres from their footholds and rescued the few remaining Arrows from a grisly fate. Retaking the Fort was a tall order, but the Sons were up to the task, cutting a bloody swathe through the monstrous invaders. With ogres attacking with previously unknown ferocity and rumors of giants moving in the Storval Plateau, it seems that something is moving in shadows, marshaling these monsters together. Will the Sons be able to repel these invaders and keep our families safe from this new threat? Or are we all pawns in a larger game with an unseen opponent?


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