Rise of the Runelords

Rains of Rannick
The Sons Answer Turtleback Ferry's Call for Aid


By Felix Gadeuax

Word has reached Sandpoint of the Son’s exploits in Turtleback Ferry. As the rains beat down on roofs and swell rivers, the Son’s have clashed with a gigantic problem in Turtleback Ferry… Ogres. The silence from Fort Rannick was due to an unthinkable scenario, the ogres who the Black Arrows have driven back for generations were overrun. Utilizing their superior numbers and grotesque ogrekin, the Kreeg clan ogres overtook the fort and slaughtered the Black Arrows defending their home.

Once the Sons arrived, they systematically removed the ogres from their footholds and rescued the few remaining Arrows from a grisly fate. Retaking the Fort was a tall order, but the Sons were up to the task, cutting a bloody swathe through the monstrous invaders. With ogres attacking with previously unknown ferocity and rumors of giants moving in the Storval Plateau, it seems that something is moving in shadows, marshaling these monsters together. Will the Sons be able to repel these invaders and keep our families safe from this new threat? Or are we all pawns in a larger game with an unseen opponent?

The Fires of Magnimar Pt. II
Fall of the City of Monuments

By Felix Gadeux

As our story began in the previous edition, so does it end with the fiery destruction of Magnimar and the part the Sons played in its downfall.

In the calm before the storm, the Sons made a return venture to Magnimar, intending to investigate Aldern Foxglove’s town home in order to follow the trail of his ghastly transformation into the ghoulish murderer plaguing Sandpoint in the recent weeks. As their investigation carried them their, so did the trail lead them to Lucky’s Lumbermill, one of the oldest mills in the city. It was here that the Sons brought a swift end to Justice Ironbriar and the nefarious Brotherhood of the Seven, a cult of murderous intent. The well respected, but unyielding Justice Ironbriar had a formidable reputation in Magnimar, but the contents found coded in his ledgers portrayed a much darker figure. But he was not the only one acting in the shadows, a suspicious woman known only by the name Xanesha was directing the Brothers to their gory work.

It is here that the timeline begins to become tight and the events unfold quickly, but seemingly without cause to provoke them. After discovering the Justice’s plans and involvement of this Xanesha, the Sons traveled quickly to stop her. Yet before they could make their presence known to her, the riots erupted in the streets. Seemingly it was all part of this Xanesha woman’s enigmatic plan to spur the riots and cause devastation, but the method by which it was enacted did not survive the fires. For as the Sons engaged with Xanesha, so did the rioters engage with their targets.

The fires started on that fateful day, may have been born of fire, but they grew to become a gluttonous, wrathful beast that consumed the city whole. Fires in the poorer areas spread quickly, burning whole families in their beds. Those with a mind for pillaging spread North burning their way through the Arch District and massacring the wealthiest families living on the Point. But those with anger in their hearts were the ones that caused the worst, maiming and a hobbling those they deemed unworthy to live. Leaving them to be consumed by the fires they could not escape. It is almost to horrible a sight to put to words.

While the Sons claimed victory against this unknown Xanesha, it is she who had the last laugh? As they threw down her defeated body, they saw the extent of her works and knew they were powerless to stop it. What powers could have been unleashed to cause such atrocities and violence? No one knows. What can be said is that as the fires of Magnimar fade, the world around them grows dark indeed.

The Fires of Magnimar Pt. I
The behind-the-scenes story of the fall of Magnimar!

By Felix Gadeux

News has just reached Sandpoint of the devastation that has occurred in Magnimar. Indeed the rumors are true, the once great city of Magnimar has fallen. The heralded as the City of Monuments and a pinnacle of culture in the region, Magnimar met with a brutal and fiery end at the hands of her citizens. What caused such a dramatic and meteoric fall for the once great city? That story is one that is known only to our very own Sons of Sandpoint…

What follows is a careful piecing together of events that I have collected from travelers, the Sons, city council members, and some investigations of my own. This is, to my best ability, the most accurate account of the final days of Magnimar.

When last we heard from Magnimar, there had been the formation of group known as Our Varisia, lead by the charismatic Deagen Callimedes. Deagen and his followers stood prominently for the defense of Magnimar’s interests and that she defend those interests against the agression of Khorvosa, even if that meant open war between the cities. Deagen had a large following, and was gaining traction within the Magnimaran council before he was assassinated by a halfling paladin of Iomedae, named Jura Kalidan. It is unclear why Jura attacked the temple as he did, but his intentions were clear as Deagen fell to his blade.

After the attack, the remaining members of the Our Varisia movement became violent, and sought to take vengeance on the non-humans they viewed as being responsible for their leaders death. The one actually responsible, Jura Kalidan, was not seen after and either went into hiding or was not able to defend himself against retribution from the angry citizens. What came of the outrage these citizens felt is nothing less than an atrocity of unspeakable magnitude. Hundreds of halfling, gnome, dwarf, elf and other non-human men and women were rounded up and publicly burned at the stake. This genocide continued for days and was slowly abating only days before the riot.

Before the riots began, there was a brief period of calming. The citizens seemed to have slaked their bloodlust, and it was at this time the Sons had returned to Magnimar. Whether their actions lead to the calm, or it was simply a coincidence, remains to be seen. What is clear, is that before the collapse, the Sons returned to Magnimar, and when they left the city was in ruins. What lead to the riots themselves? For that answer you’ll have to check out The Fires of Magnimar pt. II in next week’s special issue of the Sandpoint Sounder!

Ivo's Guilt

It all started with Aamos-Gor’s unparalleled evil. Again. After searching for weeks through books, I found his sarcon secret. It was the first break through ever in regards to my search to destroy this ancient adversary. After close examination of ZZ – Deagen Callimedes – Deceased, I found that Aamos-Gor was using him as a vessel to spread hate and dissension in the city. At that time I knew I had to act and I attempted to pull his evil out of the city, stem and root. I immediately attacked Deagon in his church. I am now responsible for the death of the selfless companion, Jura Kalidan, as well as seemingly hundreds of other people due to the irrational racism that was caused by me attacking Deagen in his place of worship. This is a very heavy burden on Ivo and Dack, as they were just trying to avenge their loss. Now they are as motivated as ever to seek out evil and destroy it, without prejudice. They are dedicating their lives to this more than ever, taking on Kalidan’s faith of praising Iomadae. With this new found faith, I vow to:
- I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart to guide it, it is worthless-my strength is not is my sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.
-I will have faith in the Inheritor. I will channel her strength through my body. I will shine in her legion, and i will not tarnish her glory through base actions.
-I am the first into battle, and the last to leave it.
-I will not be taken prisoner by my free will.
-I will not surrender those under my command.
-I will never abandon a companion, though I will honor sacrifice freely given.
-I will guard the honor of my fellows, both thought and deed, and I will have faith in them.
-When in doubt, I may force my enemies to surrender, but I am responsible for their lives.
-I will never refuse a challenge from an equal.
-I will give honor to worthy enemies, and contempt to the rest.
-I will suffer death before dishonor.
-I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my behavior.
-I will strive to emulate Iomedae’s perfection.

Return to Sandpoint
Story recap after a 3-month-long hiatus

After several months of not being able to play, we finally return to Sandpoint after a great victory over Aldern Foxglove and his horde of ghoulish followers. Prior to attacking Aldern at Foxglove Manor, the party first went to Magnimar to investigate the lone survivor of the Skinsaw Man, Seville. He was housed at Habe’s Sanatorium, and entry to the Sanatorium was blocked by Habe for a week. In that time the party got into quite a few misadventures rooting out the Our Varisia movement that had taken hold in Magnimar.

Sto’Ik met with his old partner Alistar Rothari, his right hand man in the Galant Galleons. He told him of the movements being made by Brutus Borden, an upstart mercenary leader and former Galleon. Brutus had taken to killing the surviving members of the Galleons in order to cover the secret of his betrayal and alliance with a woman he called The Fury. Only one Galleon remained alive besides Sto’Ik and Alistar, a boy named Robb, who Brutus had set his sights on in his rise to power. A daring rescue of Robb took place at the Manticore’s Tale, the headquarters of Brutus’ Steel Titans. The rescue uncovered Brutus’ involvement in the slaying of the Galleons at the hands of the Fury’s Wing as well as Brutus’ Our Varisia ties. With Robb in tow, Sto’Ik and Alistar retreated back to their ship, the titular Gallant Galleon. Aided by Shealu Andosana, Sto’Ik and his companions executed a masterful strategy to deal a fatal blow to Brutus and his Steel Titans. Upon his death, Brutus’ breastplate changed and became covered in golden etching of ships, becoming the Stronghold of the Absolved Champion he wears.

Abriard spent his time tracking down Caliban, a doppleganger assassin who had formerly gone by the name Rick Flagg as the King of the Dell. Seeking revenge on Abriard for nearly killing him, Caliban set in motion a series of murders with Abriard as the prime suspect. Though his plans to have Abriard hung was eventually foiled, his business in the region was not concluded as he still sought to retrieve a sword, The Sword of Xin-Shalast, that he had claimed long ago as King of the Dell. Knowing that Caliban would find a way to regain the sword, Abriard began investigating the auction and those who would be invited to the event. In his search he met Gurlin Singer, a monster hunter by trade, who provided him with valuable assistance on the condition that he be allowed to study Caliban’s body upon his death. With additional support from Gurlin and information from Alistar, Abriard discovered that there had been a series of these auctions in the recent weeks as several members of the city council had given up their seats and left the city claiming the would not sit by and watch the city be engulfed in war. These auctions turned out to be nothing more than Caliban killing council members and acquiring their wealth, all the while leaving seats open to allow more Our Varisia members into the council to put them into a majority. The night of the auction, Caliban had taken to impersonating Selma Flint in order to purchase the sword, but her identity was soon discovered by Abriard and his mercury-lined glove. A fight with Caliban occurred just outside the manor as he attempted to get away with the sword. Abriard and Ameiko fought valiantly against Caliban, and succeeded against all odds. The Sword of Xin-Shalast came to Abriard after he had defeated his master, and its essence changed into the mercurial rapier that he now wields.

Jace took to gaining followers with his time. He quickly rose to prominence, showing the common people the power that is within their grasp if they only reach out their hands and take it. His words of self-reliance and the power within spread like wildfire throughout the city, and his shows became evermore crowded. This meteoric rise caught the attention of the speakers of the Our Varisia movement, and to challenge him and his new doctrine. After several debates however, the speakers found themselves only feeding the flames of Jace’s rise. They chose to change tactics, and as Jace and his bodyguard Alydia were celebrating their recent successes, they sent a group of assassins to silence him for good. The assassin group was turned out to be the Fury’s Wing, lead by none other than the Fury herself, revealed to be Kalista Do’Urden, Jace’s betrothed. The assassin’s chased Jace and Alydia to the edge of the Irespan where Kalista engaged them by herself. All hope seemed lost as she battered down Alydia and rebuffed every spell Jace sent her way, until by the slimmest of margins Jace broke her defenses and took her sight. In his infinite disgust for his fiance, Jace chose to leave Kalista broken rather than end her life, knowing that sending her back as a failure a second time would be a fate worse than death for her. As she and her minions withdrew, Jace found a singularity hung in the air where their portal had been. As he touched it, he found a crown sprouted around his head and a faerie dragon egg was clutched in his hand. Thus the Crown of Shrouded Light came to Jace.

Ivo and Dack went to work researching their father’s book, the fifth part of a series detailing a merchant’s visit to Eurythnia in Ancient Thassilon. In their studies they found that the text discussed something called sarcons, antimate bodies that were designed to house extraplanar entities. This discovery lead Ivo to being attacked by a member of the Our Varisia movement. Ivo soon discovered why this discovery prompted violence from the group, as their leader Deagen Callimedes was an outsider in disguise using a sarcon. With this information, Ivo and Dack enlisted the help of Jura Kalidan, a paladin of Iomedae, to taken down this new threat. The three infiltrated the church of Desna where Callidan and his members resided and they sprung an ambush. The outsider inside of Deagen turned out to be Aamos-gor, the devil that murdered his mother and destroyed Dack’s body. Aamos-gor was defeated, and he left Ivo and Dack with these parting words, "Come find me where nightmares roam, a twisted, rotten, monstrous home.” As he vanished through a portal in the floor, Ivo found a golden ring which also appears on Dack’s hand when it is worn. Thus the Soul Ring came to Ivo.

With these adventures concluded, the party then made their way to Habe’s Sanatorium. There they found that Seville had turned into a ghoul and turned much of the rest of the staff into ghouls as well. After they dispatched these undead horrors, as well as the necromancer, they discovered that these ghouls are abnormal in that the deceased maintains part of their memory and their abilities after the transformation. The necromancer appeared to have been trying to triangulate where the ghouls were coming from in order to better study their progenitor. His investigation lead him to the area around Sandpoint as the likely home of the ghoul lord. The party returned to the Blade and Bottle, Alistar’s tavern, where they received a letter that the farmlands outside Sandpoint had been attacked.

At the Hambley farms, the party met Maester Grump, an hardy old codger who had taken up the evacuation planning for the farmlands. He directed the party to the Hambley farmhouse and inadvertently into the field of false scarecrows. The farmstead had been overrun by ghouls. In the remains of the ghouls they killed, the party found a key to Foxglove Manor.

Once the party arrived at Foxglove Manor, they chose to take a side entrance into the house and go through the well. While they battled the undead denizens of the house, Ivo discovered that he could see the necromantic energy within the souls of the undead, and the energy seemed to be converging somewhere deep below the house. As they delved further into the caverns beneath the house, they came upon Aldern Foxglove in all his ruined glory as the ghoul lord that had caused so much trouble. As he was dispatched, the necromantic energy in the house exploded and then condensed into a green crystalline orb that Ivo now carries. Among other things that were found at the house include: a letter regarding deliveries of unknown materials to a mill in Magnimar signed by a person known only as X, and a series of books that likely were used by Vorel Foxglove in his path to lichdom.

The party now returns to Sandpoint to rest after their long journey, before the begin to unravel the question of what was Aldern delivering for the mysterious X?

Mechanical update:

  • You achieved level 7 after the last game.
  • Money was tabulated in depth by Dane, but I don’t have those numbers. I believe we already divvied that up though.
Harvest of Death
Ghouls menace farmlands

By Felix Gadeux

Terror and disaster spread through the farmlands as a scourge of undead creatures plague the farmlands, killing dozens. It is unknown where these monsters came from, but all that is certain is the farmlands have been attacked and local farmers are fleeing their homesteads in droves. Refugees began arriving several days ago, and have come in steady streams since then. Mayor Kendra Deverin has given the farmers the use of temporary housing in the town’s new Northern district, an area recently constructed to accommodate the swell in population over the last several months. While town leadership handles the refugee situation, Sheriff Belor Hemlock has received reports from new refugees that the Sons have returned from Magnimar and are on the scene dealing with these monstrous invaders.

In other news, another victim of the Sandpoint Slicer has been found this morning. The body of butcher, Chod Bevuk, was found at his shop in ghastly condition according to the guards. Sheriff Hemlock has ordered no description of the scenes be made public as the grisly nature of the crimes makes their discussion too horrific.

Sons in Magnimar
Investigation of Lumber Mill Tragedy takes Sons to Magnimar

By Felix Gadeux

As the investigation into the Lumber Mill tragedy continues, the Sons have followed a lead all the way to Magnimar, City of Monuments. While spending time in the city, the Sounder began getting reports of activities in the city that had distinct flare and style of our Sons written all over it.

A little backstory may be required for those who don’t concern themselves with regional politics. Magnimar and Korvosa have become increasingly adversarial towards one another, blaming each other for everything from bandits to back weather. This decline in diplomatic relations has lead to a growing movement of pro-war peoples calling themselves the “Our Varisia” under the leadership of the charismatic Deagen Callimedes. The movement’s position is that Magnimar is the rightful ruling city and should take it’s place as the region’s capital while banding the other cities together to form a united country of Varisia. Korvosa however, does not agree with this assertion of Magnimar dominance nor the idea of unification.

With that information in hand, the reports coming in of activity throughout Magnimar seem to make a little more sense with the Sons recent travels there. While they were in Magnimar, a local mercenary group called the Steel Titans were massacred on the deck of the Gallant Galleon, the namesake ship of Sto’Ik and his former mercenary band. The leader of these Steel Titans, Brutus Borden, was a former Gallant Galleon himself before the group disbanded, leading me to believe their history may have had something to do with the battle.

Further reports of activity against Our Varisia rallies and their leader have also come in. The rallies appear to have had outspoken opponents described as male and female dark elves touting gifts and god-like status. These rallies quickly turned into contests of speaking where the dark elf was purported to have defeated many of the best speakers of the Our Varisia. There was talk that Deagen Callimedes himself would come to speak against the elf, however it seems there was another plan afoot. Deagen Callimedes, the leader of the Our Varisia movement as well as the Lady’s Liberators, Desna’s chosen breakers of chains, was killed in Desna’s High Temple. Many guardians were killed in the attack, and some witnesses claim to have seen halflings at the temple during the sacrilegious atrocities.

With Deagen gone and the populace following another voice towards empowerment, the Our Varisia movement has taken a considerable downturn in power. This has not however, weakened the resolve of many of its members, who have now become more outspoken against non-human races. This zealotry has grown as of late, making many of its citizenry without human parentage nervous of what is to come. I do not pretend to understand the motives of the Sons, whose involvement in these events is at more than likely, but must trust that they made these drastic moves for the good of the people. This is another potentially disturbing move by the Sons in recent weeks, leading some to wonder how well we really know the Sons and what their plans are.

Murder in the Streets
Lumber mill murders come to light

By Felix Gadeux

In recent weeks Sandpoint has been gripped with terror and paranoia as an unknown assailant brutally murdered Katrine Vender and Ben Harker in the Valdemar Lumber Mill. The grisly scene was kept from the eyes of all except the guards and the Sons. While tensions and tempers flared at the scene, Abriard Duchamp was considered a person of interest for the crime and was questioned at the scene. The following evening the villain attacked again, striking another devastating blow to the Vender family and claiming the life of young Shylass Vender. Shylass was seen arguing days before with Abriard Duchamp, who was questioned again and taken into the guards’ custody as he could not produce an alibi for his whereabouts the previous evening.

In the following days, the guards and the other members of the Sons continued investigating the crime scenes and found enough evidence to cast a shadow of doubt as to Abriard’s involvement. With this considered with the service that he has provided Sandpoint, Sheriff Belor Hemlock released Abriard. While the law was satisfied, many of the townsfolk were not, and letting go of the man who potentially committed the crimes in their eyes only gave room for more violence and terror. The uproar was heard in a special town hall meeting with MAyor Deverin who advised everyone to keep themselves safe and be aware of their surroundings. She also announced a mandatory curfew, alloiwng no citizens to be roaming the streets after nightfall.

For many this brings back all too familiar memories of the Chopper, and many people have been quick to board up their windows at night and leave their houses only when absolutely necessary. If the assailant is not captured soon, I fear for what will happen to our growing town, and I pray the new arrivals in the last few months will not become “outsiders” and potential threats to the Sandpoint natives.

Varisia After Thistletop
Interlude Between Book 1 and 2


After the unlikely victory of our heroes over Nualia and her goblin forces at Thistletop, Sandpoint and our heroes have earned a little rest. In the weeks after the Fall of Thistletop, the citizens of Sandpoint erected a statue of the heroes in the square outside the cathedral, and the citizens have gone about rebuilding the town and expanding as word spread of heroes protecting the town. Since the Fall, nearly 100 people have moved their families to Sandpoint and the town is becoming crowded. To make matters worse, this Summer has been the hottest and driest in memory, and the townspeople have become quite irritable. Bar fights seem to happen on an almost nightly basis now, and tempers flare between citizens daily. This growing discord seems to not only be affecting Sandpoint though, Varisia itself seems to slip slowly towards a civil war.

Mainly composed of city-states and their regions of influence, Varisia is home to many cities, two of which dwarf the others dramatically in both power and influence: Magnimar and Korvosa. Magnimar was founded by citizens who felt the Korvosan government was too restrictive and these citizens sought their own city where they could do business how and with whom they pleased. In the centuries since this schism, the diplomatic relationship has been a largely amicable one, predicated heavily on trade and mutual profit. These last weeks however, growing distrust has taken hold between the two. Korvosa and Magnimar each claim the other has agents in their city, spying and assassinating members of the upper class to spread fear. There is even talk of raiders throughout the hinterlands roving unchecked under the guise of Korvosan or Magnimaran mercenaries. In the midst of all this fear and distrust, a group called Our Varisia is calling for the Magnimaran government to take up arms against Korvosa and claim the region for themselves. The group has gained a considerable amount of followers in recent weeks after Deagen Callimedes was convinced to take up a leadership position within the group. Now the forums and squares are filled to capacity with people listening eagerly to the Our Varisia speakers.

Not everything has taken a turn for the worse, however. Sandpoint has begun construction on its new Northern district to make room for the influx of new citizens. Brothazmus has taken up the permanent position of bouncer at the Rusty Dragon as the tavern’s popularity is unrivaled after the Son’s endorsement. Orik Vancaskerin has been hired on to train the town guards, and his efforts seem to be bearing fruit as the new guardsmen seem to be quite competent. Ameiko Kaijitsu has taken to her role as owner of the Glassworks with gusto and the factory has been running seemingly night and day. Beyond business, the townsfolk appear to have “celebrated” the Fall rather thoroughly and most of the women in town are currently pregnant, as are many of the horses.

What of our heroes themselves? Recent weeks have seen a growing throng of women following Jace around. Their attentions seem to waver between listening to his stories and starring into his eyes, but whatever intentions these women have, they do give Jace quite a long shadow. Abriard is up to his same old antics, with a new story or two to tell that has the crowds enthralled. Sto’Ik seems to have come somewhat out of his shell, out more often and keeping company with Shealu, a considerable difference from the more stoic Sto’Ik that came to Sandpoint several months ago. Ivo and his brother Dack have been quite busy since the wedding, delving through what seems like all of Sabyl’s books for some unknown purpose.

Sons of Sandpoint
Triumphant heroes return from suicide mission!

by Felix Gadeux

Victory! The noble, and aptly named, Sons of Sandpoint have done the impossible and ended the goblin threat with direct and decisive action. While many saw this alpha strike as a suicidal endeavor (this reporter included) our heroes accomplished the task and proudly marched back to the town they saved. I can safely say, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. With the rumor mill swirling as to the events that unfolded at Thistletop, there are many versions of the battle. From the accounts, I have found several similarities: Firstly, is that the tactical advantage lay squarely with the Sons thanks in large part to Sto’Ik and his battle field inspiration. Jace turned would be enemies into allies by turning one of Nuala’s lieutenants (the bugbear named Brothazmus you’ve seen around town) against her. Abriard had a terrifying encounter with a devil dog that involves a prison (I cannot even pretend to do the story justice). The Osares Brothers bore possibly the largest brunt of the battle with Dack ever rushing to the vanguard and Ivo providing a considerable amount of much needed healing. With all of these pieces falling into place the battle still hung on the knifes edge more than once. Needless to say, fortune smiled on the Sons and all of Sandpoint that day.

With is laurel affixed to their brows, the Sons took to some much needed revelry and celebrated the marriage of Ivo and Bethana Osares. This joyous and much needed occasion was celebrated by all of Sandpoint with a series of parties the likes of which this town has never seen.

Now that the shadow of the goblin army has subsided, what lies next for our Sons of Sandpoint? I hear Mayor Kendra Deverin has given them positions on the council, and it appears Sandpoint will further benefit from their actions as their first vote was to invest some of their treasure from Thistletop into growing the city. I foresee a bright future for the Sons and our city under their watchful eyes.


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