Taverns and Inns

The Rusty Dragon
Run by Ameiko Kaijitsu, the Rusty Dragon is a common hangout for new arrivals and boasts one of most well-regarded menus in town. Named for its iron dragon statue that stands at the front door, the inn has been in business for nearly 5 years since Ameiko returned to Sandpoint. Aside from the outstanding food, The Rusty Dragon is also known for the singing talents of its proprietor, and Ameiko will sing a song or two if the mood takes her during the evenings.

The White Deer
A spacious and well-furnished inn just north of the Sandpoint Cathedral. It burned down after the last cathedral burnt, and has since been rebuilt, including the titular white deer statue that stands in front of the inn. Owned by Garridan Viskalai, a stoic Shoanti who is brother to sheriff Belor Hemlock, the White Deer is an upstanding business with newly refurbished rooms at low prices thanks to the popularity of the Rusty Dragon. While the tavern in the White Deer is less popular than the one in the Rusty Dragon, it is a quieter place to have a drink away from the hoi polloi at the Rusty Dragon and Hagfish.

The Hagfish
Ever the local spot for fisherman and the like, the Hagfish (owned by Jargie Quinn) is named for the denizen of its large aquarium. The Varisian hagfish named Norah is the lady behind the name, and only one of the few consistent residents in the Hagfish. With gaming tables and good company the Hagfish is a popular spot to drink in Sandpoint. The most famous attraction of is Water of Life challenge. You can pay a silver piece to drink a pint of Norah’s water. If you can successfully drink the water and not vomit in 10 minutes, the bag of winnings is yours and you get the honor of carving your name in the rafter over the bar. To date there are 28 names in the rafter, and this contest has been running since the bar opened 10 years ago.

Two Knight Brewery
Half the brews and spirits in Sandpoint come from the Two Knights, and in its heyday the Two Knights held esteem and accolades from all the town’s citizens. Since the Late Unpleasantness, the brewery has fallen on hard times and some of the locals say that the beer has never tasted the same.

Fatman’s Feedbag
If the Hagfish is the most popular, the Feedbag is the most notorious. The feedbag routinely has fights that need to be broken up by Belor Hemlock and the rest of the guards. Owned by Gressel Tenniwer, the Feedbag is a rough-and-tumble place for those who would like to avoid the law as best they can.

Risa’s Place
Risa Magravi operated this tavern for the first 30 years of Sandpoint’s history, and even now that she’s gone mostly blind in her old age and has left the day-to-day affairs of the job to her three children Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger, the mysterious Varisian sorcerer remains a fixture of the tavern. Known as much for Risa’s tales of ancient legends and myths as for its spiced potatoes and cider, this tavern is a favorite of the locals if only because its out-of-the-way location ensures strangers rarely come by.

Cracktooth’s Tavern
A particular favorite of patrons of the Sandpoint Theater, Cracktooth’s Tavern is always full after the latest show at the nearby playhouse lets out. A large stage gives actors, singers, and anyone else the opportunity to show their stuff. Every night a crowd of would-be entertainers packs the taproom in the hopes of being discovered. Owner Jesk “Cracktooth” Berinni might look like a thug, but he’s actually quite well read and possesses a scathing wit—nights when he takes the stage to deliver his observations on the political situation in Magnimar are quite popular.

Taverns and Inns

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