Welcome to Sandpoint!

Rise of the Runelords begins in a quiet town on the Lost Coast, just North of Magnimar, named Sandpoint. It is referred to as the Light of the Lost Coast as it is nestled next to the remains of an ancient lighthouse, a once megalithic structure that now stands as a shadow of its former glory. This faded usefulness is not echoed in the town of Sandpoint itself however. Industrious and varied citizens have come to call this corner of Varisia home. The town boasts industries such as lumber milling, carpentry, tannery, brewing, glassmaking, fishing, farming, and shipbuilding. For those looking for a little metropolitan culture, the Sandpoint Theater (owned by Cyrdak Drokkus) brings in some of the same artists, actors and attractions that grace the stages of Magnimar and other cultural centers. Coupling these burgeoning industries and enriching attractions, Sandpoint has begun to make a name for itself and a growing number of people from across Varisia have come to call Sandpoint home.

Are you among those looking for a fresh start and a reprieve from past mistakes? Perhaps you come instead to ride this industrial momentum and make your fortune. Or maybe you feel the pull of something stronger, elusive. Some ethereal force guiding your feet to this quiet town flourishing in the shadow of history, a cog in the ever-turning wheels of fate.

Rise of the Runelords

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