Rise of the Runelords

Sons in Magnimar

Investigation of Lumber Mill Tragedy takes Sons to Magnimar

By Felix Gadeux

As the investigation into the Lumber Mill tragedy continues, the Sons have followed a lead all the way to Magnimar, City of Monuments. While spending time in the city, the Sounder began getting reports of activities in the city that had distinct flare and style of our Sons written all over it.

A little backstory may be required for those who don’t concern themselves with regional politics. Magnimar and Korvosa have become increasingly adversarial towards one another, blaming each other for everything from bandits to back weather. This decline in diplomatic relations has lead to a growing movement of pro-war peoples calling themselves the “Our Varisia” under the leadership of the charismatic Deagen Callimedes. The movement’s position is that Magnimar is the rightful ruling city and should take it’s place as the region’s capital while banding the other cities together to form a united country of Varisia. Korvosa however, does not agree with this assertion of Magnimar dominance nor the idea of unification.

With that information in hand, the reports coming in of activity throughout Magnimar seem to make a little more sense with the Sons recent travels there. While they were in Magnimar, a local mercenary group called the Steel Titans were massacred on the deck of the Gallant Galleon, the namesake ship of Sto’Ik and his former mercenary band. The leader of these Steel Titans, Brutus Borden, was a former Gallant Galleon himself before the group disbanded, leading me to believe their history may have had something to do with the battle.

Further reports of activity against Our Varisia rallies and their leader have also come in. The rallies appear to have had outspoken opponents described as male and female dark elves touting gifts and god-like status. These rallies quickly turned into contests of speaking where the dark elf was purported to have defeated many of the best speakers of the Our Varisia. There was talk that Deagen Callimedes himself would come to speak against the elf, however it seems there was another plan afoot. Deagen Callimedes, the leader of the Our Varisia movement as well as the Lady’s Liberators, Desna’s chosen breakers of chains, was killed in Desna’s High Temple. Many guardians were killed in the attack, and some witnesses claim to have seen halflings at the temple during the sacrilegious atrocities.

With Deagen gone and the populace following another voice towards empowerment, the Our Varisia movement has taken a considerable downturn in power. This has not however, weakened the resolve of many of its members, who have now become more outspoken against non-human races. This zealotry has grown as of late, making many of its citizenry without human parentage nervous of what is to come. I do not pretend to understand the motives of the Sons, whose involvement in these events is at more than likely, but must trust that they made these drastic moves for the good of the people. This is another potentially disturbing move by the Sons in recent weeks, leading some to wonder how well we really know the Sons and what their plans are.



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